Ozark County bow hunters have killed 21 deer so far this fall

Ozark County hunters have bagged 21 deer so far during the bow deer hunting season, which began Sept. 15, and will run through Nov. 10. The season also reopens on Nov. 22 and runs to Jan. 15.

Hunters in Ozark County have killed 13 does and 7 antlered bucks, along with one button buck.

Statewide, as of Tuesday, 3,234 deer have been harvested in Missouri since the bow hunting season opened, which includes 1,908 does, 1,171 antlered bucks and 155 button bucks.

The top county so far is Jefferson County south of St. Louis with 138 deer harvested since Sept. 15.

Neighboring Howell County had 52 deer harvested so far, including 23 does and 28 antlered bucks along with 1 button buck.

To the west in Taney County, hunters there have killed 28 total deer, including 9 does, 15 antlered bucks and 4 button bucks.

In Douglas County, there have been 36 total deer harvested, which includes 12 does, 22 antlered bucks and 2 button bucks.

During the 2022 fall archery season, Ozark County hunters harvested 353 total deer.

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