Grubs, jigs, flutter spoons and swim baits have all been effective recently on bass. Most of the bigger bass are down 15 to 20 feet during the day. Look for the old brush line and throw a jig, or fish the main lake bluff ends with a grub or flutter spoon. Both grubs and swimbaits have been most effective when fished on an under-spin jig head. War Eagle and Jewel both make under-spins anywhere from 3/8 to 3/4 ounce.
Night fishing is single-spin time. Throw it over the brush and let it sink in 15 feet of water or more. These baits have been catching large numbers of bass and a walleye every now and then.
Catfish have been active and are being caught on jug lines, trotlines and rod and reel. Live bluegill or night crawlers work well on these fish. Big bluegill can be found on bluffs in depths of about 20 feet. Crickets or night crawlers work well on these tasty fish.
Walleye are being caught trolling deep-diving plugs or worm harnesses. Use a 3-ounce bottom bouncer to help get your bait in the strike zone.
High water is here to stay throughout the summer as both lakes are only dropping an inch or two a day. Fish still bite during high water; it’s just harder to find them. Look at bluff ends as one place fish use, especially if the Corps starts letting water out of the lakes. Anywhere you can find some current, you will find fish.
It’s time to hit the water if you have not already done so.

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