Tecumseh news: June 20, 2018

The month of June is one for brides. My year as a bride was 1939; next year would have been our 80th wedding anniversary. How time gets away, with lots of history tucked into the years!
Summer’s heat is here. Despite the heat, I enjoy sitting in my porch swing, where, every once in a while, there’ll be a little bit of a breeze. We need moisture, so let’s hope for a good rain soon. The sky is a little couldy this morning as I collect these items, so hopefully we might get a rain.
My crepe myrtle shows signs of blooms to come in July and August, which I will certainly enjoy. I have one lonely hollyhock plant blooming now – and wish for more. This one came up volunteer east of my driveway; I probably have a bird to thank for delivering its seed. Kris moved it near my chrysanthemums, and it has five red blooms on it now, and I enjoy it.
I also enjoy watching the martins in my martin box. They have been laying eggs, and soon the little ones will be learning to fly.
Kris was busy getting my grass mowed early this morning (Monday). She and I keep busy filling the birdfeeders.
My former son-in-law Bill Luebbert left to go back to Kansas Monday after visiting here with his son Allen and with McKayla and Alexus. Bill retired after working for North American Phllips Corporation for 37 years. I told him he was probably part of the furnishings there.
Alexus has been attending summer school.
The road to Norfork Lake that goes by my house is really busy, but I suspect it’s not as busy as the road to Bull Shoals Lake.
Beulah Satterfield and I visited by phone Monday morning.
Keith Davis and his daughter Jaycee went canoeing Sunday for a special day together on Father’s Day.  Jaycee lives with her mother north of Lebanon.
My friend Marlyn Atkin-son, a 30-plus-year pilot, recently purchased a used plane and was planning to fly it back to his home at Excelsior Springs, where there is an air strip right at his house. But the plane had a malfunction and crashed as he was taking off, causing him injury. My daughter and I heard the report on the news, and I called him. He said something malfunctioned, and he skinned up his face and head a bit. He said he was a little sore but was recovering, and he said he was glad that I called. He’s the son of my favorite schoolmate in high school. His mother died a few years ago, and I think he has kind of adopted me. Good Lord willing, he’ll be coming to visit me again sometime soon.
Although our meetings aren’t held as often as they once were, the Friendly Neighbors Club still exists and still sponsors the quilt show at Hootin an Hollarin, so all you quilters out there, be getting your entries ready!
Some of my family members visited Silver Dollar City recently. I’m sure my little great-granddaughter Alexus enjoyed it, although I haven’t gotten to ask her yet which thing she enjoyed the most there.

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