Village of Theodosia sewer rates increase beginning June 1

The Village of Theodosia is implementing a sewer rate increase beginning June 1. 

The residential sewer rate will increase $1.50 a month from $25 to $26.50 monthly, and residential sewer clients with a private pump station will see an increase from $23.75 to $25.25 monthly. 

The business sewer rate is increasing $2 a month from $30 to $32 as a base rate for all businesses. 

In addition to the business rate, motels, RV parks and cabins must pay an additional fee per unit that’s up $1, increasing from $5 to $6 per pad or unit. 

The pad and unit price is based on a maximum 10-day stay, 8 months per year. 

If additional pads or units are built, they will be added to the sewer client’s bill upon construction completion. 

Each RV pad, motel room and cabin count as one unit. An office, if in a separate building, also counts as one unit. An office housed in a personal residence will be charged the residential sewer fee unless it is advertised as an office building. 

Any buildings that are occupied with two or more businesses on one sewer tap will have just one sewer bill directed to the owner of the building, unless separately billed at the business address. 

All businesses preparing food or washing dishes, pots, pans or other items on-site must have a proper grease trap or grease interceptor, required by the Theodosia sewer department. The business must be inspected by the sewer department 10 days before opening to be in compliance or be fined up to $25 per day until inspected and a proper trap or intercepter is installed. 

The rate will increase again in June 2023. At that time, residential sewer rates will be raised $1.50 again, business sewer rates will increase another $2 and the per pad or unit fee will increase another $1. 

The Village will review the rates again at the beginning of the 2023-24 fiscal year and adjust as needed. 

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