Kathy Rountree’s American Indian Painting Collection now on display at OC Volunteer Library

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Kathy Rountree

The artwork of Gainesville resident Kathy Rountree is now displayed at the Ozark County Volunteer Library as part of the organization’s visiting artist exhibits. 

The paintings are part of her “American Indian Painting Collection,” which is influenced by her great-grandfather John Addux Wills of the Cherokee tribe, she says. Addux was born in Arkansas and died in Missouri. 

The varied work features brightly colored patterns and interesting designs of blocks and shapes, along with striking paintings of animals that use a unique blocking color technique. 

“I have been painting forever and thought the Native American designs would be an easy, fun project. Not really the case. However, I am learning more about what the designs and shapes mean as it was a way of communication back then,” Rountree said, explaining that the exhibit is only half completed and that several other designs are in the works. 

In addition to the oil paintings on stretched canvas she’s showcasing at the library, Rountree also has a background in traditional darkroom photography. “I worked... in a full-lab photo studio,” she said. “I did it all. When the digital process came out, I went into real estate.”

Since that time, she’s found a real love and artistic path in painting of all types, whether the pieces are completed with oil paint on stretched canvas, fine art portraits, graphic art or restoration pieces. 

“I can paint anything from fine portraits to graphic art,” Rountree said. “And I welcome custom work.”

Many of the displayed paintings are for sale. Information on purchasing Rountree’s paintings can be obtained by emailing her at kampainting123@gmail.com, calling 1-208-866-0815 or by visiting www.kampaintings.com. 

The Ozark County Volunteer Library, located at the corner of Second and Elm Streets in Gainesville, is run by volunteers and operates completely on donations. It is not tax funded in any way. The current open hours are Monday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. The library is closed on Thursday and Sunday. 

For more information on the visiting artist program and how to participate, contact Lisa Atkinson at lisacatkinson@ gmail.com or call the Ozark County Volunteer Library at 417-679-4442. 

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