Officers serving arrest warrant in Thornfield find stolen motorcycle, methamphetamine also

Brandon Guidry

Brandon Guidry, 40, of Thornfield, was arrested May 2 and held in the Ozark County Jail on a $7,500 bond in a case in which he’s charged with possession of methamphetamine and receiving stolen property. 

According to the probable cause statement prepared by OCSD Lt. Matt Rhoades, at 11 p.m. Feb. 25, Rhoades and Deputy James Fountain attempted to serve a felony arrest warrant for Guidry at his residence. The statement says that Guidry and his wife are the only ones who reside at the residence. 

“During a search of the house to locate Brandon, I saw a plastic bag containing a white crystal-like substance inside sitting in the middle of Brandon’s bed in his bedroom in plain view. I recognized the substance as meth with my training and experience,” Rhoades wrote in the statement. “Next to the bed on the floor was a used hypodermic needle, and on top of his dresser was a meth pipe. I collected all and they all field-tested positive for amphetamines.” 

Rhoades also wrote that when the officers conducted a search of the open garage, they saw a motorcycle that looked as if it had been hastily spray-painted black, had the ignition wires and wire harness cut and had fake Missouri plate with Arkansas registration tabs on it. 

“I conducted a records check of the VIN on the motorcycle, and it returned as stolen from Aurora, Missouri. I towed the motorcycle for evidence. Brandon was not at the residence at this time, neither was anyone else. He informed his parole officer that his wife was in the hospital in St. Louis at the time,” the report said. 

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