Man arrested after drunken assault, crashing car into victim’s vehicle

Brian Cuthbertson

Brian Cuthbertson, 50, of Theodosia, has been charged with felony assault and property damage involving an incident earlier this month. 

According to the probable cause statement, prepared by Ozark County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Matt Rhoades, at 5 p.m. May 10, the officer responded to a report of an assault in Isabella. 

The victims reportedly told the officer that the Cuthbertson dropped off a woman and walked inside the man’s home and began accusing him of stealing things. They said Cuthbertson grabbed the man from behind and put him in a headlock. The man was able to fight off Cuthbertson and told him to leave, they said. The woman said Cuthbertson was extremely intoxicated, and had been doing shots for quite awhile earlier in the day. 

Cuthbertson got into his truck, backed up and accelerated into the front left quarter of the man’s truck, causing significant damage. The victims said they were standing outside the truck, yelling at him to leave. He reversed and accelerated directly at both victims twice as they stood near the house. Both victims managed to narrowly escape being run over by the suspect’s vehicle. 

Cuthbertson then reversed into a tree, causing damage to his own vehicle and to the tree. He drove away rapidly down the county road and a short distance later ran off a small low water bridge and fled on foot.

Both victims desired prosecution, the report says. Two children in the house witnessed the incident and reported the same story as the victims. Rhoades also confirmed the path of the vehicle through the “peel out marks” in the gravel and damage to the victim’s vehicle.

Rhoades located Cuthbertson at his residence.

“I asked him what had happened before placing him into custody. He stated he went to the house to help the female victim leave that house. He got there and the male victim pulled him into the house, and he defended himself. He got into his truck and while leaving, the male victim had a chainsaw chain and was swinging it at his truck,” the report says. “He admitted to attempting to run over the male. He stated he left the house because he thought he heard shots coming from the male. He ducked down to dodge the bullets and took his eyes off the road, running off the low water bridge and into the ditch. He then fled on foot. I advised him he was under arrest and transported him and booked him into jail.”

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