Times Past: Jan. 17, 2018

This photo of the store at Locust, from the collection of the late Stella Martin Luna, is believed to have been taken shortly after the Locust post office opened in the store in 1911. According to “A History of Ozark County, 1841-1991,” Benjamin Breeding, right, was the only postmaster at Locust until it “closed out to Gainesville” in 1940. Also pictured, from left: Raymond McGinnis, Lonnie McGinnis, Margaret Webster Breeding, Stella Upton Martin, Clifford Webb and Bertha Webb holding Clifford’s brother.

Ozark County Times

Jan. 18, 1918

This region has been experiencing the past week the most severe winter weather it has had in more than 30 years. On Thursday of last week it commenced snowing, on Friday the ground was covered to a depth of 12 or 14 inches and since then 6 inches has been added, making it almost 20 inches deep. ... On Saturday morning thermometers about town registered 18 degrees below zero. ... 

The first mail from the railroad to reach this city since Thursday arrived on Tuesday evening. None arrived again until last evening. Only a few of the local mails were able to get through.  

 Oak Dale – I. H. Gaulding went to Oak Dale Saturday to preach, but the weather was too bad for the people to come out, so he hauled wood for J. A. Kyle. 


Jan. 21, 1943

The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gaddy of Sand Ridge was destroyed with all of the contents except a sewing machine by a fire Tuesday morning. Mr. Gaddy and a small daughter were sick with the flu at the time of the fire. They were taken to the home of Mr. Gaddy’s mother.  

Nottinghill – Mrs. Dillia Gaulding enjoyed her birthday shower. She received almost 50 cards and several gifts.  

Thornfield – We are sorry to hear of the death of Uncle Dave Loftin as he was a milk hauler here to the Bender Cheese Co. of Ava. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. 

Almartha – Misses Norma Lee Melton and Wilma Naugle visited Miss Sylvia Naugle, and they attended a party given at John Oxley’s in honor of their son Ray. Corporal Ray Oxley, who is stationed at Camp Crowder as MP, has been visiting friends and relatives here the past 10 days. 


Jan. 18, 1968

Kelly Gwen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Robertson of Thornfield, is the first baby to be born in Ozark County in 1968. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 1/2 oz. when she was born Monday at 4:08 p.m. at the Gainesville Clinic.  

Dawt – Elmer Hamilton wasn’t well enough to go to church. Gladys has been down for a couple of days. Seems like it is so hard to keep well. Everyone is afraid to go out among people for fear they will catch the flu.  

No one showed up for church at Sand Ridge except the Huston Blackburns, so they visited the Dawt Church.  

Longrun – Aude Wallace had the misfortune of falling and breaking his leg at the ankle joint Thursday morning while feeding hay to the cattle. Dr. Hoerman set the break, and he is reported doing fine. 


Jan. 20, 1993

Four Gainesville Elemen-tary School students recently competed in the Elks Lodge National Free-throw contest held in Mountain Home. They were Candice Acklin, fourth grade; Amy Shaw, fourth grade; Chance Snell, second grade; and Winston Scott fifth grade. Shaw won second place in her age category and took home a trophy.  

Edyth Farel of Caulfield celebrated her 100th birthday just before Christmas. Her family hosted a party for her which was attended by many of her friends and relatives. She also received a birthday card from President George Bush and a phone call from President-elect Bill Clinton. Mrs. Farel was born and raised in the Tecumseh area.

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