This undated photo was taken by M. C. Stephens looking west at the “steel bridge” that was completed over the North Fork of the White River (now Lake Norfork) in Tecumseh in 1924 at a cost of $50,063, according to A History of Ozark County 1841-1991. An item shared below from the April 18, 1924, Ozark County Times reports that “several hundred people” had come on a Sunday to watch workmen install the bridge’s concrete floor. The people in this photo are unknown, but they had apparently gathered to be photographed at the newly completed bridge that was considered a modern marvel at the time. The bridge, 18 feet wide, continued in service until it was replaced in 1988 by the current 38-foot-wide bridge, which was built at a cost of $2.1 million (including removal of the old bridge). This photo is one of many historical images shared on the Dora School Library’s Facebook page.

Ozark County Times
April 17, 1903
J. T. Luna Sr., who lives 10 miles north of Gaines-ville, happened to the misfortune of losing his residence by fire last Monday night. The house caught from the smoke house, and as to how the smoke house caught fire is a mystery to Mr. Luna.
He saved some few of his household goods but lost all his meat, lard, etc., of which Mr. Luna always had plenty. It leaves Mr. Luna in a very bad condition. Mr. Luna is one of Ozark County’s best citizens. The good citizens of Gainesville contributed quite a little sum to Mr. Luna, who was here Wednesday buying supplies.
April 24, 1908
The Easter Service at the M. E. church ...  was filled to the utmost capacity. The little folks delivered their little Easter pieces with great credit to themselves. ... After the services, J. S. Hogard, the photographer, took a flash light picture of the little folks, who were arranged in front of the pulpit. ...
April 23, 1909
News reached this place Wednesday morning that the Wood, Herd Merc. Co.’s store at Theodosia with all its contents was destroyed by fire last Tuesday night. .. It is supposed that lightning was the cause, either through the telephone or by striking the building. We are in-formed that they had about a $15,000 stock of goods and carried only $4,500 insurance.
April 18, 1924
Several hundred people were at the North Fork bridge Sunday watching the workmen putting on the concrete floor. One hundred and fifty feet of the floor was completed that day.
April 22, 1927
The Lake Taneycomo region around Branson, Hollister and Forsyth, on last Friday and Saturday was experiencing the worst flood in its history. On Friday 19 feet and 2 inches of water was pouring over the Powersite dam, and grave fears were entertained that the dam might give way at any time. ...
The west approach of the Lake Taneycomo bridge at Branson was washed away, and the Turkey Creek bridge at Hollister was washed out. Many large houses were carried down the lake.
 Rev. H. J. Fenwiek of Mtn. Grove and S. F. Amyx of this city had a narrow escape from drowning here Monday morning when attempting to cross Lick Creek on the driveway in the north part of town in a Ford touring car driven by Rev. Fenwick.
The water was considered fordable as other cars had gone across, but when the Fenwick car got into the current, it was too strong for it, and the car was being washed down when the driver suddenly faced the car downstream and shot over the apron of the driveway, where it lodged long enough that the men could be taken from the back of the Ford to the large truck which had been hurriedly driven to their rescue.  ...
The Ford, after being relieved of its passengers turned completely over. ... It was later pulled from the creek and taken to the Amyx Auto Co. garage, where in a few hours workmen had it in running order.
April 20, 1928
Forty or probably more people were killed and 18 injured, some of them so seriously they have or will die, as a result of a mysterious explosion which occurred at 11:05 last Friday night in the garage of the Wiser Motor Co. on East Main Street at West Plains and which wrecked the Bond dance hall on the second floor of the building where a dance was in progress.
Most of the dead and injured were those attending the dance and the members of the small orchestra who gave the dance and was providing the music.
April 22, 1943
Cpl. Vern E. Burnett, son of Bert Burnett of Lutie, is spending a short furlough with home folks. Cpl. Burnett is in the air corp and is now stationed at Chicago.
Rockbridge – Clint Bushong suffered a paralytic stroke last Friday night. His condition is still serious. 
April 24, 1985
Tessie and V. A. Daugherty were in town recently and showed off a picture of the bridge pier that was taken during the construction of the steel bridge.
V. A. Daugherty, who worked on the bridge with the shovel crew as a young man for 25 cents an hour, is the son of Robert and Queen Victoria King Daugherty,

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