During the winter of 1946-47, the late Orval Jernigan, an Ava-based sales representative for Milligan Grocery Co., Jernigan took pictures of stores, mills and some scenery throughout the Ozark, Douglas and Taney county area. Jernigan labeled this photo “Modern Hill Home, Skyline Drive in Forest.” An album of Jernigan’s photos, now owned by Christy Voliva of Ava, was digitized several years ago by Kenneth Brown, who shared the photos with the Ozark County Historium, with Voliva’s permission.

Ozark County Times
July 5, 1918
S. F. Amyx received notice a few days ago that his brother, Curtis, had landed safely in France. Relatives of Lewis Gardner, Charley Blacksher and Robert Exline, Ozark County boys of Co. F 32nd Engineers, have also received notice of their safe arrival in France. 
Zanoni – Oather Simpson has gone to see his brother, who will leave for the training camp soon.
Afton Morrison, while piling oats with a pitchfork, was bitten on the foot by a copperhead.
G. B. Hunt received a telegram stating that his son, Troy, was in the hospital with measles.
E. L. Gilliland had two fine hogs killed by lightning. One of them had its nose against the wire fence. 
Romance – Many from here went to Kansas to help in the wheat harvest. All report plenty of work and good wages.
We hear that Rena Robinson has landed safely across the Atlantic.
July 8, 1943
Amos Johnson, who has been in an Army camp in Maryland for some time, was here Friday. He is at his home at Isabella, discharged from the Army for a few months to help with the farm work. ... We also understand that James Daniel of Willhoit and a few other boys are home for a while to help their parents on the farm.
Ad - As I am in the Army and my father is unable to care for them any longer, we will sell our entire herd of sheep running in age from spring lambs to 5 years old. Several registered Shropshire rams and some grades will be sold in lots to suit buyer. Ralph P. Olston & Vick Olston, six miles north of Gainesville on No. 5. 
John P. Edwards, pioneer citizen of Ozark County, passed away at his home at Rockbridge Sunday after an illness of two weeks. Funeral services were observed Monday at Souder Church, Mr. J. C. Harlin officiating. ...
John P. Edwards was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Edwards and was born in Murray County, Tennessee, on Nov. 8, 1847, and died at the home in Rockbridge July 4, 1943. ...
He enlisted in the U. S. Army Feb. 4, 1864, at Springfield at the age of 18 and served until the duration of the Civil War. ... He was a member of C.Co., 16th Mo. Cavalry.
July 3, 1958
Mrs. Judy Hoerman was returned home last Tuesday from Kansas City by air ambulance.
Mrs. Hoerman, who had been a patient in St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City since May 10, is reported to be in a weak condition but is glad to be home.
July 4, 1968
Gainesville’s share of the state gasoline tax receipts for the six years the sharing plan has been in effect is $6,602.38, according to a Missouri Oil Council report. ...
Bakersfield, the only other county town to share in the plan, became eligible in January 1968 and has received $440.73 since then. 
Ocie – Mr. and Mrs. Noah Blankenship had a car wreck Saturday in front of the Mackey Hampton store. Maude was thrown out of the jeep they were driving. 
Charity – A large crowd attended the funeral of Clyde Pitts. ... His father and a sister and mother are laid to rest at the Charity cemetery. 
July 7, 1993
The Gainesville Church of Christ welcomes Halbert Smith as the church’s new preacher.
Smith, who has been preaching in the area on a part-time basis for several years, was chosen to replace Nat Evans, who left earlier this year to preach in Kentucky.
Smith taught for 17 years at Gainesville High School, where he was the vocational agriculture instructor. He is married to the former Vicki Snelson and has two children.

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