This postcard photo of Gainesville, from the collection of Mary Ann Boone Heard, was taken sometime after 1912. The Ozark County Courthouse is the white, two-story building on the lower left edge. (It burned in November 1934.) The Harlin House is visible in the middle of the right edge. Several other homes in the photo still stand as well, including the two on top of the hill and the two-story peaked-roof home just west of the square.

Ozark County News
June 26, 1890
 Ad – Look out for the Clark Bros. Consolidated Menagerie & Circus.
They will positively exhibit at Gainesville Monday, June 30. Come out and witness the grand free show, a grand high-wire ascension and the very old, war-scared elephant. She will perform feats of wonder upon the streets of Gainesville on Monday, June 30. Admission 50 cents and 25 cents. 

The Democrat
June 29, 1904
The two-year-old child of Prentice Bushong died last Thursday with flux and was buried at the Luna graveyard. 
E. C. Brown’s little boy who was bitten by a rattlesnake last week is getting along nicely and will be up in a few days.
At a call term of the County Court held last Thursday, Glennie Harrison, the 14-year-old son of G. T. Harrison, was appointed a member of the county Board of Education. Glennie presented a strong petition to the court asking for his appointment signed by many of the leading citizens of the county. He holds a first grade teacher’s certificate [that was the highest certificate you could hold at the time with an eighth grade education]. 

Ozark County Times
June 28, 1918
Sallee – B. S. Day is suffering with a painful sprain in his left knee the last two weeks. While driving some cattle to Gainesville for J. C. Harlin, his mule fell through the pole culvert east of the Cole house. This culvert has been in a dangerous condition for a long time.
Sand Ridge – Mr. and Mrs. Abe Blackburn are the proud parents of twins, a boy and a girl.
Dora – While Ed Dobbs and family were coming to visit Mont Tetrick’s one day last week, the team ran away. They were bruised up quite a bit but were not seriously injured. 
Ocie – Tom Hale, one of the boys who went to Camp Dodge in late May was rejected on account of having heart trouble. He returned home a few days ago. 

July 1, 1943
Lawrence L. Hall of the McClure Funeral Home of Gainesville spent several days last week at the Fort Leonard Wood Military Reservation overseeing and inspecting the removal of three cemeteries for the Taff-Fleming and Dryden Contractors of Little Rock, Ark. 
Mammoth – Misses Maggie Hayes, Winonah and Wanda Lee Mahan, Ernestine and Genelle Quick and Berhena and Ruth Farless were at H. H. Jenkins’ Sunday. They all went to the creek for a swim.
Rev. Blue is holding a meeting at the schoolhouse. 
June 28, 1958
H. V. Gaulding, president of the Gainesville Saddle Club, has announced that the Saddle Club will sponsor a Horse Show here on July 7.
The Gainesville Saddle Club will perform a drill at 7:30 with the show beginning about 8 p.m.
Six-year-old Eddie Falls from the Southern Christian Home at Marmilton, Ark., was brought to Gainesville June 21 by Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sims. Eddie is to spend two weeks in the various homes of members of the Church of Christ. The church is a sponsor of the Southern Christian home. 

June 27, 1968
Sale day at the Gainesville Livestock Auction here turns Wednesday into a busy midweek trading day. Stock trucks, before and after the sale, are a welcome sight around the town square.
T. D. Crawford, who purchased the business from Ray Wallace in 1958, says he would never want to do anything else besides run a stock auction.
In 1967 approximately 30,000 cattle were sold here plus a large number of hogs and some sheep, goats and also horses. 
Lutie & Theodosia – Several attended the house warming at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Garrison. They have just moved in their new home.
Delmer Coffey helped put a roof on a hay barn Wednesday for Bob Ellison. 
June 30, 1993
 Airman Victoria L. Nicks has graduated from Air Force basic training at Lackland Ai Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. ...
Nicks is the daughter of Scot D. and Rosanne Young of Theodosia. She is a 1993 graduate of Lutie High School.

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