This ad for the Hillhouse service station, taken from the 1971 Gainesville High School Bulldogger yearbook, shows then-station owner Loren Hillhouse checking the oil on a customer’s vehicle beside a sign advertising the price for a gallon of gasoline: 24.9 cents.

Ozark County Times
June 10, 1910
 Gainesville Camp No. 5180 M.W.A. joined the Camp at Lutie Sunday and decorated the grave of neighbor Joseph Peacock. ... They met at the lodge room and marched to the cemetery near Lutie and were followed by a large number of citizens from Lutie and vicinity where the usual exercises were conducted after which James R. Small made an excellent address. 
June 7, 1918
 The total of young men in this county who have reached the age of 21 since June 5, 1917, is 96. That number registered here Wednesday.
N. Shanks, at his home at Luna, celebrated his father’s anniversary last Saturday and Sunday. ... About 50 persons took part in the celebration and reunion. A visit was made to the Patrick cemetery and the graves of Nicholas and Elizabeth Shanks, father and mother of N. Shanks, and the grave of Ellen Shanks, daughter of Vince Shanks.
Nicholas Shanks Sr. was born June 1, 1818, and died in February 1895. Elizabeth Shanks was born July 1825 and died January 1898.
Nicholas Sr. was born in Tennessee but spent most of his life in Osage County, Missouri. In the year 1884 he moved with his family to this county, settling on the farm on which N. Shanks Jr. now resides.
Sallee - Last week’s consignment of our soldier boys was a jolly bunch. Mr. Harlin met with a slight accident—a punctured tire at the Day farm –– so the boys all helped themselves to a drink of water. They said they were going to bring back the Kaiser’s scalp.
Mr. Day told them to do so, and he would give the one who did it the best black heifer calf on his place.
June 3, 1943
Rockbridge – The Barker saw mill renewed operations Monday after a three-weeks lay-off due to the rainy weather.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Miller are the proud parents of a 9-pound son who made his arrival Monday.
P. M. Brown had a coat of brick siding put on his house last week. John Landers and Frank Brown were the workmen. 
June 7, 1945
 Mrs. Carrie V. Luna, Gainesville, received the following letter recently. It was written April 12, 1945.
“Kindly accept my words of sympathy in the loss of your son, Audie, who died in this hospital. I should like to provide you with specific information which I trust will be of comfort to you.
“Your son was admitted on the 17th of March with wounds penetrating and lacerations of the neck with a hemotoma, caused by enemy artillery shell fragmentation, about 11:50, 17 March 1945, near Wawa, Luzon, P. I.
“Your son was admitted in a state of comatose from which he never recovered. He passed away at 15:40 20 March 1945 from respiratory failure, secondary to wounds in the neck and emphysema.  ...
“Your son was interned in the beautiful USAFFE cemetery on the outskirts of Manila, Luzon, P.I. His grave is marked by a white cross to which a large metal plate is affixed with all the pertinent information.”  [Editor’s note: Luna’s body was later returned home, and he was reinterred at Smith Chapel.]
June 6, 1968
Clifford Warrick was graduated from Drury College in Springfield with a bachelor of science degree in history in exercises held there Sunday. 
 Last week two children in the Lutie Headstart class visited the Guber Hollow Museum at Rainbo Ridge Resort and had a picnic on the grounds later.  Accom-panying them were Ruby Smith, teacher; Ruth Findley, aid; Lisa Jones, cook; Juanita Mahan, aid; and Audie Wallace, bus driver. 
Bakersfield – W. E. House just recently celebrated his 84th birthday. Most of his children came and spent the day with him and then the next day he took dinner with his son Arley at Tecumseh. 
May 26, 1993
Local folks call it the “cedar mill.” Officially it’s s Giles and Kendall, Inc., and they manufacture aromatic cedar closet lining. Located on Hwy. 160 about 3 miles east of Gainesville, the company will be celebrating its sixth year of operation in Ozark County in June.
In June 1987 Giles and Kendall, headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., purchased the Gainesville operation from Leona Snelling.

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