SHERIFF’S REPORT June 11- June 17

To contact the Ozark County Sheriff’s Depart-ment or other emergency-responding agencies here, call 417-679-4633. In an emergency, dial 911.

June 11
1:34 a.m. – Caller on County Road 806 heard sounds like gunshots. OCSD responded. Unable to locate.
6:16 a.m. – Well-being / security check on vehicle stopped on Highway 160. Checked OK.
9:32 a.m. – Anonymous caller said two horses in stall on County Road 379 are nothing but skin and bones. OCSD rendered assistance.
11:57 a.m. – Medical: 79-year-old male having possible stroke. Ozark County Ambulance, Tecumseh VFD and Air Evac responded.
2:06 p.m. – Well-being / security check requested. Reporting party’s wife spoke with officer and said well-being check was not needed. Wife was advised to contact Theodosia City Hall in regards to the condition of the yard of the specified residents.
9:23 p.m. – Careless and imprudent, possibly drunk driver reported eastbound on Highway 160 from Gainesville. OCSD rendered assistance.
9:55 p.m. – Medical: 45-year-old female has had a bloody nose for an hour. OCA, Gainesville and Lick Creek VFDs were toned out. Patient was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
10:08 p.m. – Medical: 65-year-old male has bloody nose, hernia pain. Theodosia Area VFD, Cox Ambulance-Ava responded.

June 12
1:03 a.m. – Well-being / security check requested. OCSD responded. Unable to locate. Subject did not live at specified residence; at another residence, no one was home.
3:11 a.m. – Domestic / disturbance. Subject hurt the reporting party’s wife and is messing with other people. OCSD responded. Subject arrested.
6:00 a.m. – Subject is reportedly threatening people at Airport Trailer Part. OCSD rendered assistance. Subject left.
10:01 a.m. – Medical: 80-year-old female with unknown injuries. Wasola VFD and OCA responded. Patient transported to Cox South Hospital in Springfield.
10:34 a.m. – Two-vehicle accident, no injuires, at post office. Postmaster called back and said subjects had taken care of it themselves. Disregard.
11:22 a.m. – Caller would like well-being / security check on 2-year-old. Reporting party would like a call-back as the situation is an open case and they have not heard from them in a week. OCSD responded. Checked OK.
12:51 p.m. – Vehicle is in ditch on Highway 5 south of T Highway. Driver ran off. OCSD and Timber Knob VFD responded.
3:03 p.m. – UPS truck is in ditch, no injuries, on W Highway. OCSD, Pontiac VFD, MSHP responded.
3:57 p.m. – Stealing reported at Bullseye. Short narrative report taken.
5:12 p.m. – Disturbance reported at Dollar General. Handled by officer.
8:44 p.m. – Stealing reported at Bullseye; subject was caught stuffing items into shirt. OCSD rendered assistance.
8:59 p.m. – Caller said a subject is violating an ex-parte order and is trying to break into her house. At 9:13, officer was on County Road 308 with vehicle “not wanting to stop.” At 9:17, subject was “on foot running.” At 9:31 subject was in custody; subject arrested.
9:57 p.m. – Caller said neighbor is making threats and shooting guns. Second call came in. Handled by OCSD officer.
11:56 p.m. –  Medical: 18-year-old female, six months pregnant, is having pain in stomach and contractions 10 minutes apart. Tecumseh VFD and OCA responded. Call canceled; patient will transport via private vehicle.

June 13
4:35 a.m. – Medical: 55-year-old male has severe abdominal pain. OCA and Lick Creek VFD responded. Patient was transported to Cox South Hospital in Springfield.
6:21 a.m. – Motor vehicle accident, possible rollover, on Highway 160 just west of J Highway. Unknown injuries. Vehicle is not blocking roadway. Lick Creek VFD, South Howell responded.
10:03 a.m. – Medical: 49-year-old male detoxing from alcohol. OCA responded. Patient was transported to BRMC.
12:57 p.m. – Prisoner transport, Rodney L. Dake; Mountain Grove Police Department.
1:45 p.m. – OCSD assisted another agency.
4:45 p.m. – Reporting party found a wallet on Highway 160 east. Put it in lost-and-found at OCSD.
5:07 p.m. – Caller reported a naked lady in a store. Handled by OCSD officer.
5:47 p.m. – Well-being / security check requested in Theodosia. OCSD responded; unable to locate.
8:58 p.m. – Medical: 30-year-old female is having seizures. OCA and Brixey Rockbridge VFD responded.
9:21 p.m. – Suspicious person reported: female walking down County Road 540. OCSD responded. Unable to locate.
11:30 p.m. – Medical: 11-year-old female has severe side pain. OCA responded. Patient transported to BRMC.

June 14
8:07 a.m. – Prisoner transport to Department of Corrections: Kameron Stillwell.
8:26 a.m. – Caller said a car has been left in Dollar General parking lot for a couple of days. OCSD rendered assistance. Because car is on private property, store can have it towed.
12:26 p.m. – Burglary reported on County Road 615. Report taken.
12:36 p.m. – Highway obstruction reported: two combines, one with a flat tire, on Highway 5 north, just south of Highway 95 north. OCSD rendered assistance.
12:53 p.m. – Two-vehicle accident reported on Highway 160 east. One vehicle has pulled into a store’s parking lot; the other vehicle left – black or dark-colored SUV, maybe a Renegade, headed west on Highway 160. OCSD rendered assistance.
4:26 p.m. – Medical: 58-year-old male has COPD and MS and is not feeling well. OCA and Theodosia Are VFD responded. Patient transported to BRMC.
5:22 p.m. – Reporting part said a subject took her truck and other items that belong to her. OCSD rendered assistance.
6:48 p.m. – Reporting party said a subject swung a chainsaw at him when he drove by on County Road 902. OCSD responded; officer spoke with male subject.
6:52 p.m. – Medical: 70-year-old female has severe stomach pain. OCA responded. Patient transported to BRMC.
11:19 p.m. – Well-being / security check requested. Caller said husband is sending threatening texts and harassing on phone, saying he was close to the house. He doesn’t live there anymore. Caller wants deputy to drive by and make sure husband isn’t around. OCSD rendered assistance. Subject was not there.

June 15
1:24 and 1:28 a.m. – Medical: 27-year-old female has taken an overdose of eight-hour pain medication; tried to commit suicide. OCA responded; patient transported to BRMC.
3:10 a.m. – Medical: 85-year-old male fell and has been down since 9:30 p.m. Ava Ambulance canceled at 3:25 a.m. South Howell Ambulance canceled at 3:42 a.m. Patient was transported to BRMC.
8:16 a.m. – Suspicious vehicle reported: silver VW. License plates came back “not on file.” Handled by officer.
11:37 a.m. – Medical: 57-year-old female is having possible heart attack. OCSD, Gainesville Fire, Air Evac responded.
1:50 p.m. – Mail carrier reported that resident on County Road 915 has “help” written on mailbox. OCSD, Thornfield VFD responded; checked OK.
3:16 p.m. – OCSD assisted another agency (DFS).
5:57 p.m. – Medical: ATV accident OCA responded.
6:44 p.m. – Caller said a person is threatening him on County Road 806. Handled by officer.
8:58 p.m. – Reporting party said window had been broken out of his vehicle on County Road 806. Handled by officer.
9:02 p.m. – Well-being / security check requested on children. OCSD rendered assistance.
9:16 p.m. – Man is reportedly walking with a ball bat on Cedar Oak Drive. OCSD responded; unable to locate.

June 16
12:16 a.m. – OCSD assisted MSHP on Highway 5 north.
12:37 a.m. – Traffic stop on Third Street. OCSD rendered assistance.
1:52 a.m. – Traffic stop at Highways 5 south and 160. Subject arrested. MSHP en route for blood alcohol test.
3:48 a.m. – OCSD assisted MSHP at Highways 5 north and MM.
11:30 a.m. – Reporting party says he wants male and female subjects removed from his property on County Road 308. Handled by OCSD officer.
12:18 p.m. – Medical: 94-year-old female is having issues with feeding tube. Caulfield VFD and OCA responded. Patient was transported to Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains.
1:45 p.m. – Medical: 71-year-old female is unconscious but breathing. Bakersfield VFD, South Howell Ambulance, Air Evac responded.
3:37 p.m. – Well-being / security check requested. OCSD rendered assistance; contact was made with resident, and she is fine.
3:55 p.m. – Medical: 66-year-old male has chest pains. Dora VFD and OCA responded.
5:03 p.m. – Medical: male subject has chest pains. Lick Creek VFD and OCA responded. Patient transported to BRMC.

June 17
12:06 a.m. – Traffic stop at High School Drive and Highway 160. OCSD rendered assistance.
6:35 a.m. – Caller on Highway 181 said there’s a brown bat in her house and she wants to know if conservation agent can get it out. OCSD contacted MDC agent and left message. Reporting party got the bat out of the house.
7:34 a.m. – Caller said a person is sleeping in a gray four-door sedan-type vehicle at County Roads 304 and 304B. OCSD responded; unable to locate.
8:56 a.m. – Caller said her 11-year-old daughter has texted her to pick her up from a location as she is walking from her dad’s house, where daughter is supposed to be staying. OCSD officer spoke with both parties.
10:54 a.m. – Reporting party says a male subject was walking around her neighbor’s yard on Cedar Oak Drive yelling and screaming at her and her husband, attempting to threaten and scare them. Reporting party asks to put this on record and for extra patrol in the area.
10:57 a.m. – Reporting party said the Price Place sign had been hit and damaged previously but was still in place. Now the sign is completely missing. He wants it on record and will come in to fill out statement later.
11:58 a.m. – Reporting party on Bluebird Lane said he has been informed there is a red Dodge truck on his property where no one is supposed to be. He wants the truck towed and the truck owner advised to never return. Duke’s Towing is on scene at 12:58 a.m.
1:24 p.m. – Reporting party on Bale Trail said that within the last week, his Stihl Jonsered 2172 chainsaw was stolen. The saw has a blue compression release on the side, as opposed to a black one on top.  
2:50 p.m. – Reporting party has left home but says his stove was left on and has possibly ignited other debris. Wasola VFD, Gainesville VFD responded.
10:49 p.m. – Motion alarms activated at Dollar General. Alarm was canceled by alarm company.

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