Greetings from your state Capitol.
I had visitors from Douglas County last week: Skyline teachers Deborah Barker and Terri Ryan. It was great to see teachers from the district in my office.
Also, Diane Dreckman White, Silver Haired Legislator from Ozark County, was here discussing legislation dealing with proposals that affect our senior population. While Mrs. White was in my office, it started snowing so hard we could barely see the Missouri River out my window. It didn’t last very long and had little accumulation. Missouri weather is simply the best!
Last week the House passed to the Senate the following bills:
HB 1250 establishes the Missouri Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, which allows fiduciaries to access electronic records of the account holder.
HB 1265 requires all declarations of candidacy to contain the candidate’s legal last name.
HB 1358 creates new provisions relating to password protection.
HB 1442 changes the laws regarding the filling of commissioner offices.
HB 1456 changes the laws regarding 911 emergency communication services.
HB 1525 changes the laws regarding unclaimed property.
HB 1613 allows Missouri driver’s license applicants to elect to have a medical alert notation placed on the person’s driver’s license.
HB 1618 modifies provisions relating to the disposal of unused controlled substances.
HB 1623 establishes a statewide STEM career awareness program and creates new provisions of law related to computer science.
HB 1625 establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh, Missouri-grown produce.
HB 1645 modifies provisions relating to actions for damages due to exposure to asbestos.
HB 1646 modifies provisions relating to landowners’ obligation to control brush adjacent to county roads.
HB 1679 prohibits public institutions of higher education from requiring students to purchase a meal plan when a student presents medical documentation of a food allergy or sensitivity, or a medical dietary issue.
HB 1797 establishes the Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard Act.
HB 1868 establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program for low-income individuals.
HB 1892 modifies residency requirements for deputy sheriffs.
HB 1895 specifies that no investigation is required for a death that occurs under hospice care.
HB 1947 changes the law regarding sale of water or wastewater systems in fourth class cities.
HB 2062 allows law enforcement agencies located in the Joplin area to request assistance from agencies in other jurisdictions, including some jurisdictions located in Kansas and Oklahoma.
HB 2079 modifies provisions relating to coroners.
HB 2102 changes the laws regarding property classifications for zoning so that sawmills are classified as agricultural property.
HB 2104 restricts the use of cell-site simulator devices.
HB 2110 increases the reward a county commission may offer for the apprehension of a felon from $500 to $100,000.
HB 2116 exempts certain types of vessels from provisions prohibiting passengers from riding in certain areas of a motorboat.
HB 2238 establishes the “Social Innovation Grant Program” to find alternative solutions for serving the state’s vulnerable populations.
Complete bill information can be found on the House website at www.house.mo.gov.
As always, it is a privilege to represent you in state government.

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