Zanoni post office an early April fool’s joke?

After I read the article about building a new Zanoni post office as an investment in the community (“Zanoni post office to reopen in pricey new ‘alternate quarters,’ Times, Jan. 10), I thought April Fool’s Day had come early this year. I live within walking distance of the old Zanoni post office and always preferred it. It was open two hours weekdays, four hours on Saturday, and had the best selection of stamps.

There are only 40 addresses in the whole Zanoni zip code. I don’t believe there are any shopping centers, gas stations or grocery stores within 8 miles in every direction of Zanoni, or even being planned. So my question is, what “thriving community“ are these postal people thinking of when they propose to build a postal store in Zanoni?  I am wondering what greater power is behind this push for a post office in the middle of nowhere? Why would the postal service want to spend $300,000 plus salary and land-lease expenses for a facility to serve a handful of people? Hardenville and Brixey are metropolises by comparison.

I have the best mail carrier. He takes great care of my mail and delivers to my door when a package is too big for my box. He will take my packages to be mailed, and I believe he would even deliver stamps, if asked. I can also purchase stamps in the grocery store. The big post office in Gainesville is inconvenient for me as it shuts down completely from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. I also have a hard time remembering which one hour it is open for business on Saturdays.    

The people of Gainesville and our county would be better served if the main post office extended its Saturday hours for the whole community rather than building what would be the only “business” in the rural ranching community of Zanoni.  

I can’t imagine that any of the landowners are planning on subdividing their property to repopulate Zanoni. But if you insist, I have 5 flat acres that run along 181 with easy access that I would consider leasing to the postal service. There is electric, water and even a pond. But Zanoni would have to annex my property since I am outside the actual zip code – and then there would be 41 addresses in Zanoni!


Lily Branco, Zanoni resident with a Gainesville address

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