Bakersfield’s generosity shows greatness in action

Letters to the editor

Twenty-five years ago, I attended my first pie auction at Bakersfield High School. The boys basketball team needed new uniforms, and someone suggested to me that a pie auction would raise the $2,500 we needed to cover the cost. I thought that was crazy, but we had one, and we raised the $2,500 that was needed. People saw a need, and they stepped up and paid way too much for pies and other items, and it blew me away that a small community like Bakersfield would do something so generous. …

Every time a need arises, whether it be because of a house fire, or medical bills, to help the school, or whatever other need,  the community of Bakersfield comes together to help. I am so blessed that I have had the opportunity to be a small part of the BHS community for 13 of the last 25 years. This is such a special place to be when you see the love and compassion that neighbors have for neighbors when one of them is in need. The compassion the community has is seen in our students when a need arises here at school. Students model the attitudes and giving spirits they learn from their families.

Donald Trump may have coined the phrase “Make America Great Again,” but if he ever came to Bakersfield, Missouri, he would see greatness in action.


Doyne Byrd, Bakersfield High School principal

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