December Peace

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Tis the season. Ready or not, here it comes. I stepped outside this morning to do some chores. The sun was just starting to come up in the east. Slanting light sparkled on a million blades of frozen grass. Leaves became jewels reflecting tiny rays of golden sunshine. And no wind. No wind at all. 

The last few weeks have been full of wind. Whenever I went outside, a breeze was stirring or the wind was blowing hard, in gusts, whipping the clothes on the line, making it hard to see at times.

But this morning was different. Frigid air. Bright light. And absolutely not a weed or a leaf moving.

I stood for quite some time, just soaking up the wonder of it all. The quietness of the early day surrounded me. I didn’t see a bird or animal. No rustling in the trees or grass. Just complete and utter silence. Oftentimes in the last few weeks we have had a flock of turkey hens feeding in the pasture. Or a doe and this year’s fawn will be eating grass out behind the back of the house, never stirring until we surprise them with the shutting of the door.

I closed my eyes. I could hear the echoes of the music I heard yesterday. My favorite tune for this time of year, “The Carol of the Bells.” Ringing, ringing. First softly, one bell, then another joining in until the air is full of sound. And then quietly softening until only one bell is heard.

There is magic in a quiet December sunrise. All the world is waiting. Can you hear the message in the silence of the early day? Can you feel the hope rising in your heart? Can you imagine a world where only the sound of souls in harmony and peace, full of grace and mercy, will break the great stillness of our age? 

You can – if you step outside and feel the quiet beauty of a December early morning.

Merry Christmas to all of you, near and far, and always close to my heart.

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