Ruins of farm and resort, hidden away in national forest, spark curiosity

Photo courtesy David Mahan. Friends and guests came from near and far to hunt, fish and relax at Braddock Lakes Resort. A group of hunters, clad in their red deer-hunting shirts, jackets and caps, is shown in this undated photo, probably in the mid to late 1950s. The two men at left are unknown. Orval Mahan is shown with his foot on the car fender. The next man is unknown. Everett Mahan is standing, center, with Wendall Mahan and “Boogie” Taylor at right.

Recent search warrant documents contain gruesome description of how Savannah Leckie may have died

Rebecca Ruud, right, is shown with her biological daughter, Savannah Leckie, in this family file photo. Ruud and her husband, Robert Peat Jr., are now charged with murder in Savannah’s 2017 death. Court documents related to a recent search warrant executed on Ruud’s Theodosia-area farm include an informant’s description of how Savannah may have died.

A gruesome murder-method possibility has emerged in court documents related to a recent search of the Theodosia-area property where 16-year-old Savannah Leckie is believed to have died one year ago


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