Times Past: Nov. 22, 2017

This photo of Dr. W. T. “Willy” Wiles is from an unidentified and undated newspaper clipping posted on the Bakersfield School Alumni Facebook page. A 1901 Ozark County Times item (below) shares a Bakersfield report that Wiles had left for Memphis to attend medical school. The caption accompanying the newspaper photo, obviously published some years later, said Dr. Wiles was “one of four physicians who practiced in the Bakersfield area in the early part of this century. They all would make area house calls day or night on horseback or in a horse-drawn buggy. Wiles, who died in 1961, was Mrs. Swain’s brother and the uncle of Dr. Jack Wiles of West Plains.”

Ozark County Times

Nov. 15, 1901

MDC cautions landowners on proper fencing to keep out feral hogs

Feral hogs root up a glade in Ozark County looking for food. Feral hogs are usually black or brown with long hair, tails and snout. They reproduce rapidly and can double their population every few months.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is working with public and private conservation partners through the Missouri Feral Hog P


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