Times Past: Nov. 1, 2017

The fire that destroyed Dick Deupree’s 93-year-old home in Dora reminded us of this photo of the Deupree Store, which was included in an album of photos found several years ago by John L. Harlin in an unused Century Bank of the Ozarks vault. A 1913 story in the Times explained that E. Y. Mitchell was in the county with a photographer named Stark taking photos, probably including this one, to use in promotional materials for Mitchell’s plan to “colonize” land here. According to a history of Dora by the late Bess Cropper, Dick Deupree’s grandparents, Edwin and Mattie Deupree, bought the Dora store and adjoining farm in 1912, a year before this photo was taken; the family operated the store for decades. It close in 1967 after the death of Edwin’s son, Ray.

Ozark County Times

Nov. 2, 1917

Roscoe is rescued ... again

If Roscoe the dog were a cat he would already have used up at least two of his nine lives – first when someone apparently dumped him off near Lost Woods Golf Course as a skin-and-bones, flea-ridden puppy a few years ago, and then again last week when someone shot him after he wandered away from the home he shares with the Shockeys, his adoptive family, on HH Highway near Isabella. In happier times, Roscoe enjoys a golf cart ride with his family: Brandi and Matt Shockey, front, and their kids, Bradley (left) and Emma.

In his short life, the Shockey family’s beloved dog Roscoe has had some close encounters with death – and also with angels.


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