Hootin an Hollarin's cow, pig, turkey and husband calling contests are sure to make a ruckus at 4 p.m. Saturday

Olivia Vega had a little moral support from her pug dog during her time on stage in the 2017 calling contests.

Come on down to the square around 4 p.m. Saturday, and you might be surprised by the crazy sounds coming from the main stage.

2018 Hootin an Hollarin food: old favorites and a few new vendors to provide eats, treats and sweets

Running Wild BBQ, a new vendor at Hootin an Hollarin this year, is serving up whole roasted turkey legs, smoked beef, chicken and pork and their signature loaded fries (served with sharp cheese and your choice of meat). If you want to really do it up good, ask for your loaded fries to be served “Ozark style,” and you’ll get a healthy topping of coleslaw and baked beans right on top.

(See page 59 of the Hootin an Hollarin festival guide for a map detailing vendors locations.)

Hootin an Hollarin, our historic festival

In the early years, area blacksmiths, including Isaac Doss, shown here in an undated photo, would sometimes set up their anvils, forges and other blacksmithing equipment on the Gainesville square to demonstrate the old-time ways.

A week after Gainesville’s first Hootin an Hollarin in 1961, the Ozark County Times reported, “Ozark County festival draws largest crowds in years; m

Gainesville city maintenance supervisor William Walrath is the 2018 Hootin an Hollarin Parade Marshal

Gainesville maintenance supervisor William Walrath, 2018 Hootin an Hollarin Parade Marshal, spreads salt on Gainesville sidewalks during a 2011 snowstorm.

William Walrath, the 2018 Hootin an Hollarin Parade Marshal, has seen a lot of changes since he first started working for the city of Gainesville in July 19


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