Roscoe is rescued ... again

If Roscoe the dog were a cat he would already have used up at least two of his nine lives – first when someone apparently dumped him off near Lost Woods Golf Course as a skin-and-bones, flea-ridden puppy a few years ago, and then again last week when someone shot him after he wandered away from the home he shares with the Shockeys, his adoptive family, on HH Highway near Isabella. In happier times, Roscoe enjoys a golf cart ride with his family: Brandi and Matt Shockey, front, and their kids, Bradley (left) and Emma.

In his short life, the Shockey family’s beloved dog Roscoe has had some close encounters with death – and also with angels. We’re glad to report that, so far, his stories keep having happy endings. 

Roscoe turned up a few years ago at Lost Woods Golf Course, where Brandi Shockey works. Still just a puppy, he’d apparently been dumped by whoever owned him last. “He was skin and bones ... and had ticks and fleas all over him,” Brandi told the Times Sunday. She fed and bathed him and asked around, looking for his owner, but – luckily for Roscoe – the previous owner was never found. “So he ended up just living with us for the last three years, and he’s an amazing dog,” Brandi said. “Our family was blessed with him!”

Rescued Roscoe was living the good life with his family, which includes Brandi’s husband Matt and kids Emma and Bradley. He tagged along with them on outings to nearby Bull Shoals Lake and loved taking golf cart rides with his family. Then, last week, his luck took a turn for the worse.

Brandi said when they fed Roscoe around 7:30 Wednesday morning at their home off HH Highway near Isabella they saw another, unknown dog in their yard. Then, around 8 a.m., they noticed that Roscoe was missing. 

“We looked for him all day Wednesday,” Brandi said. But Roscoe was gone.

Meanwhile, about a half-mile away, Tanya Silvio spotted two strange dogs in her yard. One of them was Roscoe, although Tanya didn’t know that at the time. When she took a closer look, she saw that he had been shot. The other dog ran off when Tanya picked up the wounded Roscoe.

Tanya took Roscoe to the Gainesville Veterinary Clinic and put down a $200 deposit to help pay for his care. Then,  Wednesday evening, she asked the Ozark County Times to post Roscoe’s photo on its Facebook page to help find his owner. “He looks well taken care of. I hope we find his family,” Tanya said.

Three hours after the post went up, Jolene Watson Shockey commented, “That’s my sister-in-law’s dog Roscoe.”

Brandi quickly responded too and posted the photo above, a golf cart portrait of Roscoe and his family in happier times. She said she would be at the vet’s office Thursday morning to get  him, and she added that Roscoe is “the sweetest dog ever,” telling Tanya, “I am so thankful for all you did!”

Tanya replied, “So glad we found you! He was so gentle and clean. I knew he had to come from a good family. I’ll bet he will be so happy to see you in the morning!”

The Shockeys settled up at the vet’s office, repaid Tanya and brought Roscoe home, where Brandi said later last week that he was doing OK but was in a lot of pain.

The Shockeys are grateful to have their beloved Roscoe back home and on the mend. “Roscoe is a sweet, gentle, loving, smart dog. He is part of our family. We thank God that he blessed us with him,” Brandi said.

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