Register for Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas contest by Dec. 2

Parents who anticipate that their children will participate in the Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas contest at Gainesville’s Wonders of Christmas event on Friday, Dec. 6, are asked to pre-register their children by Monday, Dec. 2, so gifts can be purchased in advance for all participants. 

The contest is open to 4- and 5-year-old girls and boys. Contest organizer Kerrie Zubrod said all children of those ages are welcome, not only Gainesville residents. All participants will receive a gift. Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas will be awarded a tiara and crown in addition to their gift. 

During the contest, participants will line up on stage and will be asked four or five  “gentle questions” that are appropriate for 4- and 5-year-olds. “I usually ask things like, ‘What is your favorite thing to eat at Christmastime?’ or, ‘What is your favorite color?’” Zubrod said. “I might ask them about pets or siblings.”

At the end of each set of questions, Zubrod asks each participant if he or she has anything special to share. 

“Sometimes it’s a song or a joke,” she said. “Sometimes they don’t want to share anything else, and that’s fine too.” 

Participants often dress up in Christmas clothing, but their attire will not be factored into the judging process, she said.  

For more information or to sign up a child for the contest, call Zubrod at Century Bank of the Ozarks at 417-679-3321. 

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