Ozark County Presidential Preference Primary results

Twenty percent of Ozark County’s registered voters – 1,408 of 7,037 – voted in the March 10 Presidential Preference Primary. 

These 408 votes were cast on the Democrat Party ballot: Amy Klobuchar, 2; Tulsi Gabbard, 1; Joe Biden, 254; Elizabeth Warren, 4; Pete Buttigieg, 5; Bernie Sanders, 133; Velma Steinman, 1; Andrew Yang, 1; Marianne Williamson, 1; Michael R. Bloomberg, 5. One Democratic ballot was uncommitted.

These 986 votes were cast on the Republican Party ballot: Donald Trump, 966; Bob Ely, 4; Bill Weld, 4; and Joe Walsh, 6. Six Republican ballots were uncommitted. 

Four Constitution Party were cast: Don Grundmann, 3; Don Blankenship, 1.

One Green Party ballots was voted for Dario Hunter, and another Green Party ballot was uncommitted.

Five Libertarian Party ballots were cast: Jacob Hornberger, 4; one ballot was uncommitted. 

We will have precinct voting totals in the March 18 edition of the Times.    

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