Gainesville Schools add new covid-aware requirements, may transition to new schedule

Following a 10-day closure, the Gainesville School District returned to in-person classes Monday with some additional covid-19 measures, including new guidelines regulating extracurricular activities. 

“We greatly appreciate your support during this transition,” the school’s Facebook page said. “We are working hard to ensure a safe, healthy and nurturing environment is provided for our students.”

The added measures include a requirement that all students and staff who ride buses or otherwise use any school transportation must wear a mask inside the vehicles, and all junior high and high school students must wear masks or face coverings when transitioning between classes in the school building. The school has reusable and disposable masks available for students. 

The school also advised parents that it may transition to a new schedule in the near future that would have students on campus four days a week and using virtual learning one day a week. The plan is currently being discussed with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. If approved and implemented, the school will provide further details.


New guidelines for extracurricular activities

The Gainesville School District released these new covid-precaution guidelines Monday for extracurricular activities. 

Screenings: Temperature checks will be conducted and recorded each day before practice. If a coach or player has an elevated temperature of 100.4 degrees, he or she will be sent home immediately.  

Face coverings: Masks and face coverings are expected for participants, coaches/directors and officials/adjudicators anytime they are not doing strenuous activity. Participants are expected to wear masks before and immediately following activities, especially prior to being screened. 

All coaches and students are expected to wear a mask inside the locker room while getting dressed, while riding the bus to events or contests, during team meetings, before or after practice or at any other team function when social distancing is not possible.

Hydration: Students must bring their own personal water bottle or container to practice. Containers should not be shared. Individual bottles of water will be provided to students on game night. 

Cleaning and equipment: Athletic equipment such as bats, batting helmets and catchers’ gear should be cleaned between practices or games. 

Other equipment, towels or clothing should not be shared between players or participant. 

Transportation: Students and coaches/directors are expected to wear face coverings while inside buses or other school vehicles. Students will be assigned seats in order to help with contact tracing. 

Return to play: If a student becomes ill with covid-19 or is exposed to an individual who has tested positive for the virus, the student must follow MSHSAA protocols, quarantine requirements and the return-to-play progression. Details are on the MSHSAA website. A doctor must fill out the proper MSHSAA documentation.

Spectators: All spectators are encouraged to wear face coverings to events and social distance at least 6 feet from other families. Spectators will have their temperature checked at the door of indoor events. Parents or family members are also asked to only attend games or events in which family members are playing in order to help with social distancing. The school may limit attendance at events based on recommendations by the Ozark County Health Department.

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