The Concrete Works expands its operations

The Concrete Works president Cleta Sweeney and husband Sean, who serves as the company’s chief operating officer, work together in the office of their Souder-area farm, which serves as a showcase for the company’s precast concrete products that are sold throughout the country as well as Canad

The Concrete Works LLC of Wasola, precast manufacturer of concrete feed bunks and water tanks, is expanding for the fourth time in its history to accommodate growing national and international sales. Company chief operating officer Sean Sweeney said the company has “outgrown the current facility” again and is moving its current mining operation offsite, replacing it with an additional load-out area for semi trucks and for storage of additional inventory at its showcase farm headquarters in the Souder community.

In addition, construction has just been completed on a new shop area for metal fabricating and machining The Concrete Works’ manufactured frost-free valve, which is sold internationally. 

Sean and his wife, company president Cleta Sweeney, have The Concrete Works “water tanks and feed bunks that are over 30 years old” in use on their showcase farm that serves as company headquarters. 

Sales staff on the 160-acre farm surrounding the cement plant do duty as “ranch hands” as well as concrete laborers, so they have the experience to advise buyers in choosing products specific to their operation or livestock, and they also help with the design and planning of feeding and watering areas, he said. 

Concrete Works items have been shipped on semis from Ozark County directly to vendors, farmers and ranchers in all 48 contiguous states and Canada, Sean said. 

As the result of its expanding operations, the company is also looking to expand its work force (see related ad, page 11). For more information, call 877-464-7575 or 

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