Bakersfield woman answers challenge to complete novel

Robin Colbert, left, of Bakersfield, recently donated a copy of her first book, Not Forsaken, to the Bakersfield School library, where it was accepted by school librarian Lisa Lester. Not Forsaken was released in March 2019 and is available through online retailers and at Century Bank of the Ozarks locations in Bakersfield and Gainesville.

“Several years ago, God dropped a thought in my head one night.”

And thus begins Bakersfield resident Robin Colbert’s foray into writing and publishing her first book.

Colbert said a medieval-period adventure story grew out of that thought. “An idea for a scene would come, and I would jot it down on whatever scrap of paper was handy at the time and then drop it in a drawer at home.”

Colbert left those notes in the drawer for a few years, stumbling upon the scraps of paper two years ago. The discovery led to a challenge from Colbert’s family. She accepted that challenge.

“My family challenged me to get serious, put it all in order, and compose a book or throw it all away,” said Colbert. “I set apart my lunch break every day to work on it. It took one year to type it up.

“As I finished a chapter I would let my family and co-workers read it to give me an objective opinion. I was trying to work up the courage to submit the manuscript to a publisher,” she said.

Soon she heard from Christian Faith Publishing Inc., which expressed interest in publishing her work.

She credits her family and co-workers for giving her the courage to continue.

“This book would never have happened except for their support, especially after I was in the editing phase with the publishing company,” said Colbert. “Getting a book to print is a long process. 

“Several friends admitted that they typically wouldn’t take the time to read a book, but when they started Not Forsaken they had trouble putting it down. That inspired me to keep going,” Colbert said.

She hopes Not Forsaken will capture the imagination of others as well.

Set in the medieval kingdom of Guttenhamm, the story focuses on Josephine Armand, who is rescued from an attack on her castle by a foreign prince, the same man who led the raid on her home. During her adventure in the foreign land, she discovers friends and foes – and trust in God.

Not Forsaken is available on the Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble websites. A trailer for the novel can be found on YouTube.

Colbert  donated copies to the Bakersfield School library and Richards R-V School library in West Plains.

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