‘Clean Up Trash Month’ dumpster arrives

Times photos / Amelia LaMair

Ozark County Recycling Center manager Eric Lee stands beside the dumpster that was delivered recently at the recycling center to hold trash collected by volunteers and individuals participating in Ozark County’s “Clean Up Trash Month,” which continues throughout April. The dumpster, just inside the gate at the recycling center, is available to receive trash collected from area roadways, public areas and other badly littered properties; exceptions are tires, mattresses and hazardous waste, which are not accepted. Residents are reminded that it is illegal to leave items at the recycling center gate or to throw items over the fence when the recycling center is closed. The facility, on County Road 502 via County Road 513 off Highway 160 west of Gainesville, is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Call the recycling center at 679-3444 for more information. Also, residents may request trash bags and safety vests from Ozark County commissioners (call 679-4096) to use while collecting trash along highways. Those bags, like the ones pictured below, may be left on the roadside for pickup by the Missouri Department of Transportation. Ozark County’s “Clean Up Trash Month” coincides with Missouri’s annual “No MOre Trash! Bash” anti-litter campaign sponsored by MoDOT and the Missouri Department of Conservation. That campaign runs from April 15 through- May 15. Trash-collecting volunteers who  report their cleanup efforts will receive a thank you No MOre Trash! pin. For more information visit nomoretrash.org or call 1-888-275-6636. 

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