Tammy Conner Stearns to speak at Mammoth Assembly of God Church

The Stearns family

Tammy Conner Stearns will speak at Mammoth Assembly of God at 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16. Tammy and her husband, Travis, are both graduates of Gainesville High School.  Tammy is the director of women’s ministry at Project H.O.P.E. in Managua, Nicaragua. She oversees a family center called Center of Hope in the dump of Ciudad Sandino, which is noted to be one of the most dangerous areas of Nicaragua. She also opened a women’s center called Unshackled that provides vocational, educational and spiritual programs for women in prostitution, extreme poverty, or drug and alcohol addiction. She is the author of “Know Hope: Finding Hope in Tragedy,” a book she wrote  following the death of their 19-year-old daughter, Taellor.

Travis oversees the Nicaraguan staff and team logistics and has recently started a gym ministry. Their boys, Slaton and Antonia, are also active in the ministry.

“We are so excited to come,” Tammy said.  “We moved to Nicaragua in 2012, serving full-time with Project H.O.P.E.   Since this April, Nicaragua has become a place of continued civil and political unrest. We have chosen to stay to continue to serve as God has called us to serve.”


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