Dora news: Jan. 24, 2017

Winter came in full force, with 3 inches of snow and below-zero temperatures last week.

I wonder if the up-and-down temperatures has made the colds and flu cases worse. Many people are sick. 

I’m thankful I don’t have to feed cattle or cut ice on the ponds, but I can still remember when we did. I try to have something cooked or baked for all those who come in from the cold.

My son Randy made a trip to Overland Park, Kansas, last week. His daughter is going back to college and needed some work done on her car. We had his birthday dinner on the 17th, with several family members. 

I have two grandchildren, Valerie and Dale, whose birthdays are on the 24th, and great-grandchildren Zaden on the 27th and Blake on the 31st.

I enjoyed Marilyn Tilley’s article “Ozark County Memories” that was reprinted from Dec. 26, 1991, in last week’s Ozark County Times. In the story, Laina Owens told of her memories of Christmas growing up as a child in Elijah and Sycamore. Laina was a dear friend I knew very well. She sat on the pew in front of us at the Ball Church for many years. 

The armadillos are very active since the temperatures are warmer. They plowed up my back yard in one night.

We had a good rain shower Sunday evening with thunder and lightning also. I have to unplug my phone so it won’t get zapped when it storms. 

Randy received a phone call from Lynn Hixon Jr. of Independence Saturday evening telling him his daughter had died suddenly. She was 48 years old.

The kids are all back in school this week. Maybe school closing last week for the snow will help the flu bug to die down.

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