Hootin an Hollarin's cow, pig, turkey and husband calling contests are sure to make a ruckus at 4 p.m. Saturday

Olivia Vega had a little moral support from her pug dog during her time on stage in the 2017 calling contests.

Cynthia Thompson gives a chuckle after giving her best husband-call in the 2017 competition.

Zane Hardin gave his most serious cow call.

Betsy Ritchie gives her best hoop and holler during last year's calling contest.

Come on down to the square around 4 p.m. Saturday, and you might be surprised by the crazy sounds coming from the main stage. Don’t be alarmed.  It’s Hootin an Hollarin’s famous calling contests! Enjoy the fun as contestants yip, yell, yelp and (of course!) hoot and hollar to bring home the herd, flock or husband – and also a trophy.

Four calling categories include cow, pig, turkey and husband. Those who wish to participate should sign up behind the main stage just prior to the show. Then, when your turn comes, step out there on stage and let the audience hear – and see – your best call. 

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