Zanoni news: Nov. 8, 2017

It is still dry and lots of wind almost every day. The trees are changing color and look beautiful.

Paul and I went to Winona Wednesday night to Flossie’s Apple Barrel restaurant and heard the Baker Family play music. Jack and Judy Barnes, who live in Birch Tree, met us at the restaurant and ate supper with us. The music and singing were very good. They play the fiddle, base, guitar, banjo and mandolin.

I am sure everyone has had the speckled bugs move in. They call them Japanese beetles, but I still call them ladybugs.

Paul has been cutting cedar trees down on the Mable place.

Jim Miller was down from Springfield last week to  bow hunt.

Casey came down from Springfield on Monday and visited several hours. She returned home with a cooler of meat from our deep freeze.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fulkerson came to see Ray McDaniel for a day for two. They live in Kansas City.

Our visitors at church Sunday were Aaron Morrison and family. They were here from Rogersville to bow hunt.

The Brushy Knob Church will bury a time capsule on November 19. There will be Sunday morning service, a potluck dinner and a short ceremony afterward. Anyone who wishes to put a memory in the capsule should send it to Brushy Knob Church, 3911 State Highway 181, Gainesville, MO 65655 or bring it by the church before the 19th. Everyone is invited to attend. 

Everyone have a good weekend and don’t  get out and hit a deer.

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