Tecumseh news: Feb. 7, 2018

Are you looking for an early spring? I am! I’m ready to be through with winter and have it pass on by and bring us some early spring weather. 

Tulips and Easter lilies – or jonquils, as some call them – are indications that spring is coming. They come up through the cold soil and bring us a bouquet of sunshine. I’m looking forward to the tulips and jonquils blooming. I’ll have a yard full of bright yellow. I planted some special jonquils several years ago. And the best thing is, they live on year after year and spread out over the area where they’re planted.

Sympathy is expressed to the family of Delphia Carter. She was 95 and lived in Ozark but formerly lived in Bakersfield. Her funeral was Feb. 2 in West Plains. She and her husband Waco were acquaintances of mine. She belonged to our homemakers club, and her daughter Kathy McFarland helped her serve dinner to us in their home one time. 

And sympathy also to the Jimmy Strong family. His wife Laveta was in our Lilly Ridge Friendly Neighbors Club also, and we visited in their home, something I always enjoyed.

How many folks contribute to the Arbor Day Foundation, as I do? I planted the trees I got from them when I joined, and one of them – I think it was a box elder – is growing in my yard now and makes a shade on the west side of my yard.  Box elder is a soft wood, not the kind you burn in a wood stove. 

My goodness! I woke up this morning to see the snow flying – big flakes. My yard was white with it. The birds were gathering into the feeders where my daughter Kris had put out extra feed. Two big red birds were trying to take over, but the little birds were coming in as they could to get a bite too. 

Right now, there are two squirrels that get into the bird feeder. They will tip it over enough so it falls on the ground. Then, after they get what they want, the birds come along and try to get something – when the cats aren’t out there. The cats stay snuggled up on the porch when it’s too cold to raid the birds at the feeder.

I’ve not been able to go to church lately, unfortunately.

I correspond with friends, including Sylvia Carson in North Pekin, Illinois, and Ginger Peters and her son Allen Roebuck in New Jersey. Ginger writes about driving to meet with her friends there occasionally.

I’m very thankful for good memories. My daddy always said it’s a sign you’re growing older when you can remember what happened 50 years ago but can’t remember what happened yesterday. It would be so dull and boring without those good memories. 

We thought about going to the dinner at The Center Sunday, but it was just too cold for my daughter Kris and me. I would have enjoyed it, I know, both the food and seeing and visiting with all the people there. 

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