Tecumseh news: Dec. 6, 2017

Burning trash is a big concern these days as we haven’t had any rain for some time locally and things are very dry. 

How nice to have a Monday morning phone visit with neighbor Jerry Miller. She took the time to catch up on our activities. Many folks don’t slow down enough for a neighborly visit. News reporters have to catch a moment now and then. I can recall times past when time was not limited since we weren’t trying to keep up with the busy world. 

Are we ready for a cold winter? The black wooly worms and the spoons in persimmon seeds are predictive of a colder season. Get out those long-johns and heavy socks as well as clothes made of wool fabric and have a wool blanket handy. Ear muffs help too!  

It was 1935 and I was a freshmen in high school when I became a homemaker as well as a student when I lost my mother. Those were the days when we cooked on a wood stove, and we knew how to chop our kindling for fires, not only to cook our meals but to provide heat in the kitchen and other rooms. We dressed in warmer clothes and often found our water bucket that sat in our dining room with ice in it in the mornings. I was lucky that my daddy would have the fire going by the time I woke up. I had a wonderful father who was so patient with me as I was a handful, no doubt! I now wonder who named it the good ol days? A wheelbarrow full of chopped wood and kindling was a luxury for me. I’m never thankful enough for conveniences now! 

Both my sisters were schoolteachers, and my mother was a teacher at Sharp and Udall schools before she married. Her largest wage was $20 a month. It is a lot different now. My grandfather, Dr. George W. Ebrite, was a medical doctor from Pennsylvania and taught school at Lilly Ridge to supplement his income as his patients couldn’t pay cash but usually gave him something from their farm. My sister Edith taught at Udall and Howard Ridge, and my sister Ruth Moody taught at Pine View, Lilly Ridge and Liner. My sister rode a horse to teach school at Pineview. Daddy had a good saddle for her. 

My good friend Alene Herd at Miller, Missouri, always encourages me through phone calls and gifts. How thoughtful she is! We have mutual friends as well who are a blessing. 

Diane Easterday called to let us know everyone is invited to drive through their Christmas lights display at Rocky Top Campground off Highway 160 at the top of the Tecumseh curves. Saturday at 5 p.m., after the parade in Gainesville, they are having a soup supper, and anyone who wants to come is invited – and encouraged to bring a dessert. 

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