Tecumseh news: Dec. 20, 2017

My daughter Kris helped my granddaughter Dana Taylor paint the interior of a home in the Brixey area Saturday.

I miss attending Sunday school and church, which has always been a part of my life for 95 years, except for a few times when I had to miss because I was in the hospital. Wonder if that sets any attendance records! Now I’m unable to go as I’d like to, being handicapped in my walking ability. Still, I’m thankful for my health, which is pretty good, considering I’ve had all these years of living. 

A special delivery by Joy and Dale Cutbirth Sunday afternoon was a gift from Alene Herd  and also from Joy, who helped deliver it. The gift is three candles I can enjoy through the holidays and afterward. How thoughtful!

I’m delayed getting my greeting cards mailed, although I’ve had plenty of time. The realization has kind of caught up with me lately that I’ve really slowed down. I guess the time comes when you’re supposed to get this way. But I didn’t plan on it!

A thoughtful friend, Michael Dougan of Tecumseh, sent me an interesting clipping of an article he has written about beans; it’s titled, “Beans, Beans, Beans!” He reads my news in the paper and saw when I responded to Colene Rose’s mention about the cut-short beans, which were always the favorite in my family. They were climbing beans, and we would always plant some corn for the beans to grow up on. He said the bean began its life in “Meso-America” and came to Arkansas after corn (maize) and squash. He said the first early beans were eaten raw. But with the invention of pottery, they could be dried for later cooking. Beans are very popular today, and they’re a healthy food. Dried beans have a lot of protein. They were really kind of a lifesaver for many of us. In my early years, most homes always had a pot of beans cooking.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from family members away from here and receiving Christmas cards from friends and relatives. Peggy Jo Boone Walker sent a very pretty card with a note saying she and her husband, Gary, have sold their interest in the family music business in Nashville and are enjoying having freedom from their many years of having a work schedule. Their son, Greg, has retained his interest and will still be working in the business. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads these lines!


Editor’s note: Christmas greetings may be sent to correspondent Linnie Ingram at 27703 US Highway 160, Tecumseh, MO 65760.

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