Dora news: Dec. 6, 2017

It seems time flies when you get older. Halloween is over,  Thanksgiving is over, and next Santa Claus is coming to town. And  I forgot deer and turkey seasons start in September and end in  January. We are busy people!

We certainly can’t complain about the weather because we’ve had  so many beautiful days. Thanksgiving was perfect. The grandkids  played outside and hunted rocks down by the creek. They always bring some in for us to see, and I tell them, Take them home if  you want to, but ask your mom first.

I helped my son, Randy, cut and package the last of the deer recently. This was a good year. The deer were plentiful and in good condition. Families that need help with food should be able to get extra meat. This meat is so good for you, and it has no antibiotics or growth hormones in it.

I am still having problems with my hands, even after the carpal tunnel surgery. It is very limited what I can do. 

Funeral services for Barbara Ross were held at the Ball Church  last week, and she was laid to rest in the cemetery there also.  She was the daughter of Delores Hill Tole of Dora and had lived  in Gainesville.

We had our first Sunday dinner at the Ball Church on Dec. 3rd. We went to West Plains to Assisted Living for a singing and then over to West Vue Nursing Home to visit Dolly Reiger. We were glad to see her feeling better.

Thanks to the Ozark County Times for the new cookbook they printed. This one featured our mothers or grandmothers who influenced our cooking. We certainly seem to do a lot of cooking in our area, and there are so many good cooks. 

My husband and I went on a tour with Sunnyland several years ago in the Northeast. We went from Niagara Falls all the way down the East Coast. We didn’t have any really good food until we were in Pennsylvania in the Amish country. It was like our home-cooked food.

Our quilt club finished hand quilting a quilt for a friend in Ohio last week. We have one to finish for a member, and then we will take a break for the winter. We want to thank the Family Life Church in Dora for providing us space to do this work.

The story “Reliving the Good Ole Days” in the Nov. 29 Quill was interesting to me. I knew Julius Collins’ parents, George and Irma Collins, when they lived in Dora. He was working for REA at the time, and I think Julius was born while they were there.

I don’t get as much fun out of decorating for Christmas as I once did. These days I think, If I get all of this out, then I’ll have to put it all away. Maybe this comes with aging.

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