‘ABCs of Diabetes’ class praised by recent participant

The sixth “ABCs of Diabetes” class is currently in progress at the Ozark County Health Department. The last group class to be taught will begin in February and will end in May. Those with diabetes are urged to register for the free, education class by calling OCHD at 417-679-3334.
Norman Hartman and his wife, Gerry, recently shared their experience with the class:
 “When Norman’s doctor told him his A1C was 9.4, it was serious!” Gerry said. “Something had to be done, but we weren’t sure exactly what to do. We checked the internet. Do you know how much information and misinformation there is on the internet?! We wondered how the average person can tell the difference.
“We decided the answers could be found in the ‘ABC of Diabetes’ class at the Ozark County Health Department. [OCHD employees] Rachel, Becky and Bonnie had valid information concerning diabetes for those with diabetes and their caregivers. They patiently taught us what we needed to know to get Norman’s blood sugar level under control – things like exercise, eating well and monitoring his blood sugar levels regularly.
“We started walking about 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Sometimes our 15-year-old grandson, Isaac Hartman, a high school runner, walks with us. We cut down on carbohydrate foods and learned about new food combinations (even sampled a few!). Norman checked his blood sugar regularly and kept a written record.
“Now Norman’s diabetes is under control. We continue to walk five days a week, eat healthy and monitor his blood sugar.
“And what about his A1C? Well, it’s down to 5.6! Thank you, Rachel, Bonnie and Becky for the ‘ABC of Diabetes’ class!”

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