Zanoni News: Jan. 10, 2018

The sunshine looks good of a morning, but when a door is opened it’s cold out there. It’s that weather for wearing warm long-handles under coveralls and coats.Sunday morning, freezing rain was on the front porch.
Paul and I went to the area-wide singing at Curry Church of Christ in West Plains Friday night. Lots of good singing, and we visited with Clay and Rayburn Morrison, who attend church there.
The cold weather has brought on more chores. Besides putting out feed, the ice on ponds has to be broken. We are lucky in some places where there is a good spring.
Travis came one day to get the portable corral so he could move some heifers.
Our yard has had big bunches of meadow larks, snow birds and a few red birds.
I enjoyed a visit with Sheila Johnson Sturdefant by phone on Monday.
I also talked with Arlene Smith, who has recently moved from our area to a new house in the Nottinghill comunity. They enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers with their family.
We had church Sunday but cut it a little short because of the freezing temperatures. We welcome our visitors back.
Our neighbor, Mr. Szabo, has returned home after having surgery.
Our sympathy to the Howard Plaster and Donley Morrison families.
Everyone have a good week and keep a good fire in your stoves.

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