Tecumseh news: May 2, 2018

It’s such a pretty time of the year with lawn mowing going on, and dust is flying from the dry earth. Shrubs are loaded with blooms, and I’ve been enjoying a row of red tulips that my daughter Kris set out last fall. The irises are also now bursting into bloom. In the woods, serviceberries and dogwoods are pretty. As someone was thoughtful enough to get me sassafras roots, I’m still enjoying my tea, a good blood thinner.
Granddaughter Dana mowed my yard, which was needing it. Yes, it’s great to live in Ozarks!
I enjoy my friend Elda Edwards keeping me up-to-date on her many jobs at her family’s resort near Ocie. What beautiful shrubs, flowers and vegetables she grows! Those Jerusalem artichokes I can almost taste, as they are so crunchy. Another great vegetable I’m wanting is parsnips, and being a root crop like carrots, they may need to be planted in the fall and stay in the ground through winter.
Sandra Winfree has been very sick with the flu, which has been raging recently it seems.
Jerry Miller and I visited by phone Sunday afternoon.She said she recently had an experience with a homing pigeon when it flew into her carport and sat on her car. It seemed to be content there. So she picked it up, and checking its tags, found it belonged to a man in Branson. He told her to turn it loose in the park, which she did. She hasn’t heard if it reached its destination, but most likely it has. That is the reason for their name, homing pigeons.
Kris and Alexis caught up on chores around my place here Sunday and got Lisa’s husband Dan to help.
When honoring mothers, special memories of Bobby Grisham’s mother, Alaska, and all the peanut brittle  she made for so many friends comes to mind. Her expertise made for many happy folk! More praise goes to Jackie Hoff for her good peanut brittle also.
Soon the dogwood blooms will brighten up the hillsides, reminding us we certainly are blessed to live in the Ozark Hills. Redbud blooms are good to eat. Also morel mushrooms that folks carefully recognize are a treat. But be sure to get the right ones. In the past, one of our neighbor ladies almost lost her life eating the wrong kind of mushrooms.
My two daughters are taking me to Mountain Home to my podiatrist as I’ve had a toe injury.
Best wishes to Lynn Hicks, Helen Conardy’s daughter, as she’s had two of her toes removed recently, being a diabetic. She had to go to Jefferson City, where she is employed, to have them removed this week.
I understand that Clear Springs Church hosted a meeting Friday night. David Evans is pastor there. My daughter Karen and Dave Davis attended, and then they went on to Bakersfield for a benefit for Freddie Tackiitt, who was injured in a logging accident.

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